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ye Opening Perspectives at the Intersection of Business and Art

Martin is a private equity professional turned founder and content creator. His activities start from a passion for seeing how the world is changing from different vantage points. Combined with his professional experience he applies this to providing wide-eyed dispatches of transformation across business and culture.

His private equity experience has helped him develop the ability to see connections between different fields. His personal curiosity for the world as well as his street photography add to his observation skills, helping him watch life from different vantage points and weave together different strands from business, innovation and culture.

Martin’s professional insights live at BIClabs and he is also contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine as well as to Growth Investor Magazine Equities.com.

Martin lives in Berlin, Germany

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hotography is my childhood passion, which I rediscovered some years ago.

Since then I have been building my portfolio, taking masterclasses, exploring urban environments and  looking out for interesting and unique places or moments, which would normally go unnoticed. My main aim is to scout for originality while capturing the atmosphere and mood that makes a city tick.


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Mapping the Big Shifts at the Intersection of Business, Innovation and Culture

Powered by human observation as well as artificial intelligence, I have built up a database of core shifts that are happening across Business, Innovation and Culture. Both on Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on my site BIClabs you will find insights from the edge of transformation, with some exciting products coming soon at BIClabs.

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