Meet Martin Hoffmann

Immersing myself into Business and Creativity

My professional wanderlust itch took me along a path from law studies to a career in private equity to   bootstrapping a publishing business in Berlin. Along the way my day-to-day work has shifted from the analytic towards the creative. As a result I am probably one of the few law graduates to have won a Communicator Award.

Immersing myself into different subjects and finding out how things work is probably the most determining factor that has shaped my journey through life and work.


Photography is my childhood passion, which I rediscovered some years ago.

Since then I have been building my portfolio, taking masterclasses, exploring urban environments and  looking out for interesting and unique places or moments, which would normally go unnoticed. As a consequence of my curiosity to find out what makes things tick, my photography is intended to let the viewer reconstruct what is going on in the image.



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